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Rules for referencing, de-referencing and ranking of ads

In order for you to be able to view the Site, the Applications and use the FISON Service with confidence, these rules describe how FISON FASHION UK:

  • Refer or un-refer an Ad on its Site and Applications;
  • Classifies the Advertisements on its Site and its Applications.

Rules for referencing and de-referencing of ads

General rules for the publication of advertisements

This section contains all the rules that you must follow in order for your Ad to be listed, and therefore published, on our Site. Any Ad that is contrary to the legal provisions in force as well as to the rules of distribution of our Site described below will be refused by FISON FASHION, and therefore not referenced on our Site, without this giving rise to any right of compensation to the Advertiser.

Good practices

When posting an Ad, please follow these rules:

Description of the Ad

  • The text of the Ad must imperatively describe the product/good/service of the Ad. Ads containing a general text such as "many products for rent in our store" are not accepted. The text of the same Ad must not propose several goods;
  • The photographs inserted must represent the property to be rented and cannot be used to illustrate several advertisements;
  • Exchanges are allowed within the limit of 5 references per ad;
  • The keywords related to the ad are allowed within the limit of 5 per ad;
  • The use of labels is regulated. Any mention of a label must be indicated in the description of the advertisement under cover of the respect of the legal constraints inherent to this mention
  • Any Ad inserted for the benefit of a professional making an offer of sale, of services or intended to make known its activity must obligatorily comprise the SIRET number of the professional in question in the course of validity;
  • If you place Ads for the benefit of a associationIf you are a non-profit organization, a self-employed entrepreneur or an SCI, you must indicate your valid SIRET number. If your association does not have one, we invite you to request one from the Regional Directorate of INSEE.

Category and location of the Ad

  • The Ad must be placed in a category corresponding to the subject of the ad;
  • The advertisement of a property for rent must be filed in the town where the property is located;
  • Several categories are closed to professionals: sale of products.

Price indication

  • You must indicate the total price of the good in the "Price" field;
  • We inform you that we authorize persons benefiting from the derogatory regime: PBRD and intra-Community VAT, to indicate prices in HT in the "price" field provided that they mention that it is a price HT in the description of the ad.


  • You cannot simultaneously propose the same Ad on the Site (in several categories).
  • To insert a new Ad for a good or service already offered on the Site, you must delete the Ad for the same good or service already online.

Some identical Ads are nevertheless tolerated:

  • By region when the professional Advertiser has a substantial stock and a national delivery network within the framework of an offer of good;
  • By department, as part of a bid;
  • By city, maximum 5 ads per department, not under the same address.

Unauthorized content within an Ad

General prohibitions

It is forbidden to place an Ad:

  • Violating our Charter of good conduct ;
  • Exclusively written in foreign language. The Advertisements must be written in the local language where the property is offered. When a foreign term cannot find its equivalent in local language, it must be circumscribed in a precise enough way not to mislead the user of the Site;
  • Containing terms or descriptions unrelated to the proposed content;
  • Presenting an abusive use of keywords ;
  • Directly or indirectly directing to a site other than www.fisonfashion.com;
  • Including an email address and/or phone number in the description and/or title;
  • Including a premium rate telephone number;
  • Political in nature;
  • For promotional and/or advertising purposes only.

Unauthorized Imagery & Photographs

It is strictly forbidden to insert photos with :

  • Logo(s) alone (with the exception of the Avatar category);
  • One or more links to a website;
  • A phone number or email address;
  • An illustration/representation unrelated to the proposed offer.

Products and services not allowed in an Ad

As a user of the Site, you must ensure that the item you are seeking to sell or buy is a product that is authorized on the Site and is legal to sell.

Below are the types of products, goods and services that are prohibited on our Site (this list is not exhaustive):

Hazardous or associated products

  • Tobacco, drugs and related items;
  • Hazardous and Illegal Substances;
  • Combat or self-defense weapons, firearms, explosives, hunting traps.

Products and services for adults

  • Accessories and content for adults only;

Products and services that infringe intellectual property rights

You must legally own the content or be authorized to rent it by the owner, the owner's authorized agent or by law. As such:

  • Any counterfeit product is strictly prohibited;
  • Only the diffusion of ads proposing the rental of original products is authorized
  • The insertion of photos with a watermark (digital tattoo) for the purpose of protecting intellectual property rights is permitted.


Penalties incurred

  • We remind you that the rental of copies or reproductions of any kind is likely to constitute an act of counterfeiting, punishable by three years of imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros on the basis of Article L. 335-2 paragraph 2 of the Intellectual Property Code.
  • The misuse of protected emblems (the sign of the red cross, the red crescent, the red crystal, the blue helmets, the white flag, etc.) and their denomination and/or their illegal or abusive use are serious acts sanctioned by international humanitarian law, and in particular by the Geneva Conventions of August 12, 1949, as well as by articles 433-14 and 433-15 of the penal code.

Report an Ad

For any Ad that you feel is inappropriate or contrary to our rules, Fison Fashion allows you to easily report it by clicking on the "Report Ad" button.

Any Ad brought to our attention that does not respect these rules and/or those stated in our Charter of good conduct will be removed from the Site.

NoteBe sure to specify the reason for your report. These details will help us contextualize your request and process it as quickly as possible.

Specific rules of distribution by category of ads

This section contains the specific rules for each category of Advertisement that you must respect in order for your Advertisement to be referenced and therefore published on our Site. Any Ad that is contrary to the legal provisions in force as well as to the general and specific rules of publication of our Site as described below will be refused by Fison Fashion, and therefore not referenced on our Site, without this giving rise to any right to compensation for the Advertiser.

You may not simultaneously submit the same Ad on the Site more than once (in more than two categories).

  • Category Decoration
  • Category Display Accessories
  • Category Clothing Form
  • Category Female Model
  • Category Hand-held display
  • Category Hanger
  • Category Mannequin head
  • Category Mannequin child
  • Category Male Model
  • Category Medical Mannequin
  • Category Mobile Articulation Mannequin
  • Category Military Mannequin
  • Category Sport Mannequin
  • Category Torso
  • Category wig


Criteria for ranking ads

This section describes the criteria and methods for classifying Ads on our Site and our Applications.

Ranking of Ads on the homepage of the Site & Applications

Default grading rules

When the User consults the home page of the Site :

  • the categories in which he/she has carried out his/her last searches appear under the block entitled "Searches" and allow, upon clicking, to go directly to the results page of the search in question;
  • the "Top Partners" of Advertisements are also displayed on the homepage of the Site and the Applications for all Users. These are likely to change regularly and correspond to the partners that Fison Fashion wishes to highlight.

Ranking rules specific to users logged into their account

If the User is logged in to his or her User Account, under the block entitled "According to your last searches", recommended Ads similar to the last Ads consulted by the User are displayed.

The recommendations are based on several data collected over a given period, only on the FISONFASHION Service (Site or Application):

  • the ads consulted and/or saved by the User.
  • searches performed and/or saved by the User.
  • his centers of interest (if the User has specified them in the parameters of his User Account).

Ranking of the Ads on the results page

These classification criteria apply to the result pages accessible from the different categories of Ads (e.g.: Female Model, Male Model, Child Model...) and the search engine.

Default grading rules

The Ads are classified by default in chronological order ("Most recent"), with the exception of the Ads in the Vacation category: the last Ad published in a category appears first in the results page of the Ads within the category concerned and according to the criteria selected by the User in the search engine of the Site.

Subscribing to paid promotion options influences the ranking of the Ads, different options allow the Advertiser to move up his Ad:

  • Immediately at the top of the list
  • Every day for 30 days
  • Every day for 7 days
  • Every week for 60 days

The Ads are classified by country region, city/postal code, categories and headings and on each result page it is possible to sort the Ads according to the following criteria:

  • Newer/older
  • Increasing/decreasing price
  • Relevance (only available on Applications)

The User can also filter the results of the Ads according to the following filters:

  • Sorting by relevance: this is a classification according to the relevance of the search made by the User. This is automatically determined by various criteria including the content and title of the Ad. Currently the sorting by relevance is the default criterion of classification of the Ads in certain categories;
  • Professionals
  • Urgent (Urgent logo corresponding to a paying option subscribed by the Advertiser);
  • Online payment;
  • Ads available for delivery and pick-up;
  • Other filters specific to the selected category or heading.

Ranking of the Ads on the page of the viewed Ad

When the User consults the page of an Ad :

  • any other online Advertisements of the Advertiser concerned are displayed at the bottom of the page with a link to the profile of this Advertiser and all his online Advertisements;
  • Ads similar to the one he is currently viewing are suggested at the bottom of the page, under the heading "These ads may interest you".

Ads that have been paused by Advertisers will be dereferenced and will no longer appear in search results for the duration of their pause, with the exception of searches previously saved by Users in which they will appear with the mention "Ad deferred".




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