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The use of the Site, the Applications and the FISON Service implies the prior acceptance of and compliance with this Code of Conduct.

Rules of good conduct

Any Ad, message, Notice or User profile contrary to the legal provisions in force and to the rules of the Charter of good conduct described in this section are not tolerated on the Site.

Prohibited content and uses

Any content or behavior is prohibited:

  • Hateful, aggressive or discriminatory content, including content that is racist, xenophobic or targets the religious affiliation, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation or gender identity of any individual or group of individuals;
  • Advocating crimes against humanity or inciting the commission of terrorist or violent extremist acts;
  • Including child pornography imagery or incitement to abuse minors (e.g. content that facilitates, depicts or promotes sexual abuse and/or exploitation of minors) ;
  • Defamatory or insulting to any person or entity;
  • Obscene or pornographic;
  • Relevant to the threat to the integrity of any physical or moral person;
  • Harassment of any individual;
  • Violating the right to privacy;
  • Violating any other legal or regulatory provision in force in France (sale of counterfeit goods, sale of drugs, prostitution, etc.).

In addition, in order to combat spam, fraud and deceptive practices, FISON prohibits:

  • All abusive reports;
  • Any content or practice of an advertising nature (e.g. canvassing);
  • Spam and/or content spreading viruses;
  • Any misuse of the Site's functionality for the purpose of fraud, deception or fraud.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Any hypertext link referring to a content likely to be contrary to the laws and regulations in force in France or in the country;
  • Any phishing attempt such as requesting personal documents (e.g. bank details, IDs, etc.) via email or a hyperlink;
  • Any content impersonating a natural person.

Responsible use of the Site and messaging

On their profile, Users must:

  • To use a profile photo that complies with the rules set out in the Charter of Good Conduct;
  • To choose a User name that respects other Users of the Site.

In their exchanges on Messaging, users must:

  • To be polite, courteous and respectful with their interlocutor;
  • Use appropriate language when writing their messages.

NoteWe invite you to remain readable and understandable by all. It is advised to avoid SMS language, repeated smileys and to limit the use of capital letters for a good reading.

Reporting and moderation of content

Report an inappropriate profile or behavior

Fison Fashion user profiles may be reported by a third party if the third party believes that French law or the rules set out above are not being respected.

A report button is available for you to bring to our attention any activity or behavior that you feel is inappropriate. Please refer to the guide for reporting a User:

  • from a conversation ;
  • from an ad.

Report an Inappropriate Ad

Any Ad may be reported by a third party if the third party believes that it violates any applicable law, our Code of Conduct or our rules of referencing and dereferencing of Ads.

A report button is at your disposal in order to bring to our attention any Ad that you consider inappropriate. Please refer to this guide to complete the procedure.

Report an Inappropriate Notice

Any Notice may be reported by the person to whom the comment relates if that person believes that the comment violates any applicable law, our Code of Conduct or our rules for user reviews.

A report button is available for you to bring to our attention any Notice that you consider inappropriate.

Review of alerts and sanctions

As soon as LBC FRANCE receives your report, the profile or the content reported will be examined by us. Any user who does not comply with the rules set out in this charter is liable to sanctions:

  • Any Ad brought to our attention that does not respect the rules of the Charter will be removed from the Site;
  • In case of serious or repeated breach of these rules, LBC FRANCE reserves the right to deactivate the account;
  • In addition, the perpetrator of online offences is likely to be held liable.

Examples of sanctions in France

  • A public insult or defamation is punishable by a fine of €12,000.
  • The violation of the right to the image is punishable by one year of imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 €.
  • Identity theft is punishable by one year's imprisonment and a fine of €15,000;
  • The offence of discrimination, incriminated in article 225-2 4° of the penal code, is punishable by three years of imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros. Article 225-1 of the French penal code defines discrimination as any distinction made between natural persons on the basis of their origin, gender, disability, genetic characteristics, sexual orientation, gender identity, membership or non-membership, whether real or assumed, of an ethnic group, nation, alleged race or specific religion.




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