Frequently asked questions

A: Use our directory to search by region, category or specialty to find the suppliers best suited to your needs. Don't hesitate to consult the reviews and ratings left by previous customers to help you make your choice.

A: Renting offers several benefits, such as lower upfront costs, flexibility to change mannequins and objects based on trends, and a contribution to sustainability by encouraging reuse and waste reduction.

A: Consider the display space, the clothing to be displayed and the body type of your target audience. Make sure that the mannequin you choose reflects your brand's style and image and enhances the clothing on display.

A: Yes, many suppliers offer a variety of mannequins representing different body types, skin colors and ages. Eco-friendly mannequins, made from recycled or biodegradable materials, are also available from some suppliers.

A: Rental providers typically offer delivery and pick-up services to facilitate the process. Costs and delivery times vary depending on the provider and the distance involved. Be sure to discuss these details with the provider before confirming the rental.

A: The length of a rental can vary depending on the needs of the client and the terms of the supplier. Rentals can be as short as one day for a one-time event or as long as several weeks for a showcase or exhibition.

A: Payment terms vary by supplier, but may include a deposit at the time of booking and a balance due before delivery. Some suppliers may also require a refundable deposit to cover any damage to the rental items.


A: Consider the theme and style of the event or showcase, as well as the clothing and accessories to be displayed. Select a mannequin with a design and pose that matches the desired mood and enhances the items being displayed.

A: Some mannequins are adjustable or modular, allowing you to change their size and proportions to fit different garments. Ask the supplier about the options available and be sure to choose a mannequin that is compatible with the garments you wish to display.

A: Yes, many suppliers also offer fashion accessories, jewelry, decor and lighting rentals to complement your presentation and create a harmonious visual effect. Talk to the supplier to find out what options are available and appropriate for your event or showcase.

A: It is recommended that insurance be purchased to cover rented mannequins and fashion items in case of damage, theft or loss. Some vendors may require proof of insurance before confirming the rental. Discuss insurance requirements with the vendor and consult your insurance provider for available options.

A: Mannequins and rented fashion items should be handled with care and cleaned according to the supplier's instructions. Use mild, non-abrasive cleaning products to avoid damaging the surface of mannequins. If in doubt, contact the supplier for advice on proper care and cleaning.

A: If you experience a problem or an item is damaged during the rental period, contact the supplier immediately to report the problem. They will be able to provide you with instructions on how to resolve the problem or, if necessary, replace the damaged item.

A: Extensions are generally available, subject to item availability and vendor approval. Contact the supplier as soon as possible to discuss your extension needs and to find out




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